Cholinergenic Receptors


Location: Postganglionic fibers of Sympathetic & Parasympathetic ANS, Somatic nervous system

Synthesis and release of Acetylcholine from Cholinergenic neuron

  1. Synthesis of Acetylcholine
    1. Choline + Acetyl CoA –> Acetylcholine + CoA
    2. Inhibited by hemicholinium
  2. Uptake into storage vesicles
    1. Protects Acetylcholine from degradation
  3. Release of neurotransmitter
    1. Steps
      1. Arriving of action potential
      2. Influx of calcium
      3. Difference of charge draws vesicle to presynaptic membrane
      4. Releasing of Acetylcholine to synaptic cleft
    2. Can be blocked by Botolinum Toxin
    3. Some spider venom causes release of Acetylcholine without action potential stimulation
  4. Binding of Acetylcholine to receptor
    1. Cholinergenic receptor
    2. Generates Excitatory Post-Synaptic Potential (EPSP)
  5. Degradation of Acetylcholine
    1. Catalyzed by Acetylcholinesterase
    2. Acetylcholine –> Choline + Acetate
  6. Recycle of Choline
    1. Choline is transported back into presynaptic

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