Prescription – Liquid


Oral administration

If solution for oral administration consists of A & B drugs, it must be given to the patients by drops.

  • A drugs : 5-10 drops
  • B drugs : 10-15 drops

If solution consists of C drugs, then it depends on the age of the patient

  • Adult : 1 tablespoon
  • Paediatrics : 1 teaspoon
  • Infants : 1 dessertspoon

Solution of atropine 0.1%, given in quantity of 10ml, should be taken 10 drops 2 times daily before meals

Rx sol. Atropine 0.1%

Mitte 10ml

Sig 10 drops 2x daily b4 meals.


Solution of potassium bromide 3% given in quantity of 175ml, should be taken orally 1 tablespoon every evening

Rx sol. Potassium bromide 3%

Mitte 175ml

Sig 1 tbs evening orally


    • Solution must be isotonic to human body, and sterile

    • Route of injection – Subcutaneous (SC), intravenous (IV), intramuscular (IM)

    Solution of morphine 1% given in quantity of 3 ampules, should be injected subcutaneously 1 ampule for pain (1ml = 1 amp)

    Rx sol. Morphine 1%

    Mitte 1ml x 3

    Sig 1 amp 4 pain SC

      Eye/Nasal Drop

      • Should be given to the patients in small quantity

        Eye = 10-15ml

      Solution of atropine 1%, given in quantity of 10ml, should be given 2 drops into the eyes 2 times daily

      Rx sol. Atropine 1%

      Mitte 10ml

      Sig 2 drops 2x daily into eyes


        • Solution used for sterilization

        Solution of potassium permanganate 0.01% given in quantity 200ml, should be used for sterilization of skin 3 times daily

        Rx sol. Potassium permanganate 0.01%

        Mitte 200ml

        Sig sterilization of skin 3x daily


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