Cranial Nerves


Download the booklet “Cranial Nerves” compiled by myself.


Textbook Of Human Anatomy (M.R.Sapin, L.L.Kolesnikov, D.B.Nikitjuk, First Ed: Moscow -New Wave Publisher Ltd, 2005)


Download – CLICK HERE: Cranial Nerves Booklet – MohdSyamirulahRahim


3 Responses to “Cranial Nerves”

  1. 1 OLOMO T. O. ISAAC

    please send a brief note on “Gross anatomy of the upper and lower extremities.

  2. 2 solomon

    thanx very very helpful

  3. HEY i need that sapin books, i mean that total 3 vlume. where can download, i tried , i searched in many site

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