Physiology of Excitable Tissue


– Ability of all biosystem to answer the stimulation/action of external & internal environment by a change in metabolism.

– Ability of the specialized cells to answer the stimulation by a change in membrane potential or generation on action potential
– Only applicable to nerve, muscle, and certain secretor cells.

– Process of generating action potential.

Components of Excitation
– Chemical
– Physicochemical (Ion permeability)
– Physical (Electric current, temperature)
– Physiological (Change in function properties)

Galvani’s 1st Experiment
– Demonstrate existence metallic current.

Galvani’s 2nd Experiment
– Proves the existence of biological current in living tissue.

Mattencci Experiment
– There are biocurrent between excited & non-excited place.

Resting Potentials
– Formulated by Galvani, Volta, Mattencci, and Du Bois Reymond.
– Resting Membrane Potential (RMP) : Potential difference between the inside & outside the cell.
– 2 kinds of the current:

  • Resting Current: Bioelectric current between damaged & non-damaged site of a membrane.
  • Current of Action: Current between excited & non-excited site of a membrane.

– Consists of:

  • Lipid
  • Protein
    • Integral Proteins
      • Transmembranes
        • Channels
        • Carries
        • Pumps
        • Receptors
      • Enzymes
    •  Peripheral Proteins
      • Cytoskeleton
      • Glycocalyx

– Transport Across Cell Membrane

  • Active
    • Primary : Na-K-ATPase, Ca-ATPase, K-H-ATPase.
    • Secondary : Glucose, Aminoacids, Ca.
  • Passive
    • Diffusion
      • Simple
        • Basic process in which uncharged particles in solution flow downs the concentration gradient.
        • Particles diffuse from high concentration area to low concentration are.
        • Depends on solubility in water or lipid:
          • Lipid-soluble particles diffuse through the membrane directly.
          • Water-soluble particles diffuse through aqueous channel formed by transmembrane proteins.
      • Facilitated
        • Carried-mediated process.
        • Examples: Glucose, Leukocytes, Adipocytes.
        • Insulin as activators.
    • Osmosis
      • Osmotic Pressure Gradient
      • Colloid Oncotic Pressure.
  • Vesicular
    • Endocytosis
    • Exocytosis

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