Oral Cavity (Cavum Oris)


Walls of oral cavity

  1. Lower wall (diaphragm cavi ores) : m.mylohyoideus
  2. Upper wall : Hard & Soft Palate
  3. Side wall : Cheeks
  4. Front wall : Lips


  1. Front section (vestibulum oris) : between cheek & lips, and teeth.
  2. Proper oral cavity (cavitas oris propria)

Gingivae (gums)

  • Formed by
    • Alveolar process of maxilla
    • Alveolar part of mandibula
  • Covered by mucosa

Vestibulum oris & cavitas oris propria is communicated by a narrow fissure (oral fissure) between upper & lower teeth.

Oral fissure (inlet into vestibule) is between upper & lower lips, and connected by commisura labiorum.

Lips – formed by m.orbicularis oris.

Cheeks (buccae) – formed by m.buccinalis.

Between muscle & skin, lies the accumulation/lumps of adipose tissue known as Bishe’s Lump. It is best developed in infant – the lump thickens the wall of oral cavity, lowering influence of atmosphere thus easing the act of sucking.


  • Hard Palate
    • Formed by – processus palatini maxillae and lamina horizontalis ossis palatini.
  • Soft Palate
    • Attached to posterior edge of hard palate.
    • Formed by – connective tissue lamina, covered by mucosa.
    • Anterior end lies horizontally.
    • Posterior end hangs down, forming palatine velum.
    • Middle part – hangs a small rounded process called uvula (anak tekak)
    • Beginning of lateral edge, there are 2 mucosal arch:
      • Palatopharyngeal – forms the lateral wall of pharynx.
      • Palatoglossa – forms the lateral edge of the root of tongue.
      • Within these, there are tonsillar fossa where lies palatine tonsil – responsible for immunology.

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